Time to munch on the



Welcome the classic taste of Marie, now with 0% maida!

Introducing Unibic Marie Thinz, with a mantra to ‘Eat Light, Feel Light’.
Our Marie Thinz is a perfect combo of light, healthy, and delicious biscuits
that you can munch on any time of the day!

Oats Marie Thinz

10% Rolled Oats, 100% Filling

Introducing your crunchy sidekick with 40% fewer calories for a healthier you. These Oats Marie Thinz biscuits are jam-packed with 10% Rolled Oats, 0% Maida, 9.4g Protein, 7.6g Fibre*
and the goodness of 100% Atta, making snack time healthy every day!

Starting from ₹10

Ragi Marie Thinz

10% Ragi, 100% Satisfying

Redefine your snacking game with Ragi Marie Thinz biscuits that are delicious, nutritious, and contain 40% fewer calories. Loaded with 10% Ragi, 0% Maida, 9.5g Protein and 7.8g Fibre*, these biscuits add a twist of goodness to your snack time!

Starting from ₹10

100% Atta Marie Thinz

100% Atta, 100% Healthy

Move on from your regular Marie to a wholesome
100% Atta Marie Thinz with 40% fewer calories. Packed with 100% Atta, 0% Maida, 10g Protein and 8g Fibre*, these munchies are the perfect guilt-free choice!

Starting from ₹10