To delight your senses with oh-so-yummm treats

Crafted with the finest ingredients, we’ve whipped up four mouth watering flavours that turn every bite into a flavour-packed symphony for your taste buds. Join the delicious fun now!

Fruit N Nut

Sooo fruity, sooo nutty!
Get the best of both worlds with this delightful treat. This combination of the soft classic cake with the delightful crunch of nuts makes it a perfect tea-time, me-time, or family-time partner!

Choco Fudge

You gotta 'choc' this out!

Imagine biting into a moist, chocolatey cake and feeling the fudgy goodness melt in your mouth. Absolutely irresistible, right?

Well, that’s Unibic Choco Fudge Cake — a crowd-pleaser baked to sweeten any moment!

Dates and Carrot

A cake-tivating combo!

Fall in love at first bite with the delightful Unibic Dates and Carrot Cake. This little cake packs a punch with its top-notch quality and delicious taste. Bring home the cake that’s sure to become your new favourite!

Royal Vanilla

Bow to the queen of flavours!

You just can’t say no to the delightful Unibic Royal Vanilla Cake. With its irresistible moistness and flavour sooo yummm, this timeless classic is sure to turn any moment into a delightful one!