Learn everything about us, our history, mission and vision, core team, initiatives, fans Learn everything about us, our history, mission and vision, core team, initiatives, fans

The cookie with more

Every time a cookie lover reaches out for a real cookie, the only one that will meet the craving is the cookie with more. With more richness and more choices, Unibic Cookies are bursting with flavour and the abundance of more butter, chocolate, pista, cashew, and other rich ingredients. With over 30 variants including 7 sugar-free flavours, Unibic has something more for the entire family.

    • Unibic, came to India in 2004 with the iconic Anzac and Bradman cookies. Over the years, Unibic has grown its range to over 30 variants and has been regularly introducing fresh & unique flavours to cookie connoisseurs around the world.

      Headquartered in Bangalore, Unibic is known for its rich and flavoursome cookies that take a bite of the premium cookie market.

      Powered by a team of over 800 motivated individuals, Unibic is proud to have top management that comprises industry veterans who bring domain knowledge and the acumen of investors from Peepul Capital.

      Peepul Capital has been part of the growth journey of more than forty companies across diverse sectors over the last 15 years. Peepul Capital combines the strength of the local investment team with a global reach and focus. The relationships of the team have played a significant role in identifying and sourcing opportunities across various life cycle stages.

      More variants. More in each variant.

      Unibic offers a wide portfolio of products that can be broadly categorised as chocolate, butter, milk, savoury & health. But that tells only a part of the story. Even in a category like butter, the choice ranges from the classics like Butter Cookies and Cashew to the unique Doosra Chilli Butter Cookies.

      Unibic’s promise of more is amply demonstrated in every product. For example, Choco Chip has 21% chocolate, one of the highest in the market while Butter Cookies contain 9.4% real butter, almost double the nearest competitor.

      Baked with imagination

      As an innovator, Unibic is second to none. A robust product development process with the involvement of senior management, marketing and sales along with the R&D team brings the best of consumer insights and innovating thinking to the creation of new variants. A history of firsts bears witness to this out-of-the-box approach. The first liquid chocolate centre cookies in the country – Choco Kiss – were launched by Unibic. A host of unique variants, Fruit&Nut, Milk Orange, Chilli Butter, Honey Oatmeal are products of a constant quest to introduce new experiences for the consumers. The new MyHealthy range of Ragi Cookies (with pure ghee), Gluten-free Cookies and the health-laden 40% Oats Cookies are the latest additions to the unique basket.

      The Unibic factory is the largest integrated cookie manufacturing plant in the country, with 5 production lines and a capacity of 30,000 tonnes a year. That’s a lot of cookies for you to enjoy.

      Expanding geographies and client base

      The company exports its cookies to more than 10 countries including across Australia, North America, UK & Europe, Asia, the Middle East and New Zealand. Unibic manufactures for private labels – 6 in India and 10 across the world. Powered by a team of over 800 motivated individuals, Unibic is spreading its brand of delicious richness to new geographies and welcoming more consumers into the fold every day.

    • Vision

      To delight the consumers with unique premium products at reasonable prices


      Offer “superior quality, differentiated products” always and be seen as an innovator who keeps introducing new variants from time-to-time to cater to consumer's taste buds

    • The vision of Unibic turns to reality only because of the drive and passion of the team from the executive cabins to the factory floor and the retail staff.

      The board and management brings over 100 years of top management experience to the table.

      Unibic counts over 800 committed member of the entire team as a family that works together to maximise the potential of the only company in India to create and popularise the real cookie.

      • Founding Vision

      • Nikhil Sen

        Nikhil Sen

        Founder & Former Managing Director

        The late Mr. Nikhil Sen was an icon in the FMCG industry. He was pivotal in engineering Unibic’s rapid growth in the cookie segment, in India. He masterminded Unibic's phenomenal growth to become the fastest growing cookie manufacturer in the country. His simple yet astute understanding of the Indian consumer gave Unibic a strong foundation upon which the brand has built a strong awareness among cookie lovers.

        His career started in Britannia where he stormed up the ranks to become Chief Operating Officer (COO).

        He is widely regarded among his peers, as an astute leader and a man driven by his core values and a passion for results.

    • Management Team

    • Srini Vudayagiri, Member - Board of Directors

      Srini Vudayagiri

      Member - Board of Directors

      Srini played a defining role in repositioning Unibic as a vibrant brand with redesigned packing early in the journey. Working closely with the senior management team, Srini was pivotal in long term capacity expansion and new product development over the last many years at Unibic.

      He has been instrumental in attracting many senior executive to join the company including head of sales, head of finance, head of marketing. With critical inputs from him over the year as an active board member, Unibic expanded its reach in North and West India and solidified its position in modern trade.

      Apart from Unibic, Srini plays an active role in other consumer facing investments of Peepul Capital including Vishal Personal Care (Banjaras), Sresta Natural Foods (24 Mantra) Rhea Healthcare (Motherhood) as a board member and active investor. Over the years, Srini has worked with many high growth companies across FMCG, Healthcare, Technology and Logistics as board director and primary investor.

      Ashok Kumar Gupta

      Ashok Kumar Gupta

      Director - Finance & Commercial

      Ashok Kumar Gupta is considered the perennial solution architect at Unibic. With an expertise that stems from Finance & Accounting, his experience spans over 30 years in the FMCG industry, and his knowledge has expanded to key areas such as Strategy Formulation, Business Development, Commercial Operations, Financial Planning and Accounting to name a few.

      He’s responsible for building financial models for top companies in India, most notably Britannia. He has represented in various conclaves across the globe. Ashok is well-known for his dynamism, innovative attitude and outstanding problem solving skills. His abilities and sprightly nature have proved to be truly reliable in Unibic’s pursuit of rapid expansion and awareness.

      VVS Mani

      VVS Mani

      Director Operations

      An M.Sc in Food Technology from Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), University of Mysore, India, VVS Mani is responsible for product development and production at Unibic India. Building on his experience gained at Britannia Industries, India and Tiffany Foods, UAE, Mani has been the driving force behind many of the Unibic’s innovative products with some of the most successful launches.

      Kartikay Mehta

      Kartikay Mehta

      Director Sales

      Kartikay Mehta is an Alumni of IIM Bangalore where he did his post-graduation and brings over 15 years of experience is FMCG Sales. His past experience includes Wipro Consumer Care Limited and VST Industries (India’s 3rd largest cigarette manufacturer). Kartikay has been at the helm to drive sales team and business operations across India.

    • Unibic fans are a vocal lot. And their love for the cookies comes across clearly in their appreciation.

      I am happy to inform you that my wife and I love, and regularly consume, "Unibic - Oat Meal Digestive Biscuits" with our tea everyday.

      Arjun Chhabria

      Bandra West, Mumbai


      This is to compliment you on your new fun TVC which my 9 year old daughter Risaa finds extremely hilarious. Our entire family is a huuuuuge fan of Unibic and even Friends & Family visiting the Shirali household are treated with Unibic as a snack fix. Great Cookies ! Super Quality ! Keep up the good work !!

      Anand Shirali

      Andheri West, Mumbai


      I was not familiar with Unibic brand till yesterday.. My wife brought "Fruit And Nut Cookies" Packet and as i was hungry with no snacks around, opened unibic packet. Unknowingly I eat whole packet of it and later got scolded xD. Will have to go and buy fresh packet of same cookies for my wife as she too loves them...

      Purvaj Sheth

      Dear unibic team, Really appreciate that you have come up with product called meetha pan. Recently I have purchased around 15 packets from D mart Seawoods navi mumbai... I am big fan of this product and now wanted to check your other products.

      Jigar Dhuvad

      Navi Mumbai


      Hi, Unibic 

      I'm really in love with you cookies. Those are really a piece of art that I like to eat it till my tummy is filled. In the initial I was kind of not willing to try but when I started to try I completely switched from the existing big biscuit group companies cookies that I had in the form of biscuits.

      Gowti Raj


      Tamil Nadu

      I owned a gluten free bakery in New York City and know how difficult it is to get the taste of cookies right, especially in a longer shelf life product.The Rice &Corn Cookies, made by you are extremely good and deliver the butter cookie flavor that I would expect. I hope you continue to expand your non-wheat products.

      John Robert Sims



      Dear unibic, I had just ate, unibic almonds and oats snack bar i would like to inform you that it is so awesome and really like the taste and overall product is so good keep it up..

      Happy Customer



      Hey! Unibic India, I just wanna to say is

      Your unibic Choc chips cookies  Is delicious and the quality is nice thank you for making an amazing product! Keep the delicious product moving!

      Aamir Khan

      I am a student in Chandigarh, Punjab and I'm suffering from Celiac disease or commonly known as Wheat allergy. Since, your new cookies are gluten-free, which would definitely become a obvious option as a gluten-free snack for people suffering from this disease. It is yummy and it's cost-effective, at the same time.





      Iam just writing this mail to appreciate unibic company. I really love unibic choco chip cookies. They are one of the best cookies I ever tasted. The quality and taste are also great. Keep going like this. All the best

      Keerthana Nibhanapuri 


      Hello to the team members, I am Sakshi from Delhi NCR, I would like to express my gratitude and happiness which i got after spending and having the most tasteful UNIBIC CHOCONUT COOKIES. Must appreciate the crunchy and chocolaty taste with nuts at such a reasonable price. Thanks to the team and to the bakers :)


      Delhi NCR

    • Unibic cookies has made significant inroads with the institution channels and shares a great reputation (and relationship) with a variety of institutional buyers including:

      • Retail Chains
      • IT Firms
      • Banks
      • Corporates
      • Transit
      • Government Organisations
      • Caterers
      • Hotels
      • Hospitals
      • Educational Institutions

      and more.

      Some of Unibic’s flagship relationships include the Indian Railways, the Leela Group of Hotels, Hitachi Consulting, Columbia Asia Hospital, among others.

      And when it comes to our men and women in uniform, Unibic is there to provide the real cookie for them as well. With a nation-wide presence (and a ~11% market share) in the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) of the Armed and the Central Police Canteen.

      For partnership queries, get in touch with us at corporatesales@unibicfoods.com

      Over the years, you have provided the best products with even better customer service. Deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and you are quick to resolve any issues that arise. 

      Kamal Kumar

      Senior Specialist - Facilities

      GDC, India

      Your donation of biscuits is really appreciated. Yours generous donation will help us to provide nutrition to all our labour patients and children who often cannot afford to buy a proper meal.

      Harish Thakur

      Ila Trust


      We are happy to convey that your product (unibic biscuit) quality, supply and on time delivery is excellent. Would love to like you continue the same standard and service always.


      Café  Department

      Café Columbia Asia Hospital, Hebbal.

    • On premium shelves across India

      What began as a distribution setup with 10 autorickshaws servicing Modern Trade in Bangalore and Chennai has grown to a 300,000 outlet strong distribution network across the country. The network spans traditional trade and modern trade that is building on established strength in the South and West and is growing at a faster-than-average rate in the North and East. Some of the retail chains where Unibic is on the shelves include Walmart, Reliance Retail, Big Bazaar, Tesco, ABRL, Metro, Max Hyper, Spencers, DMART and Lulu, among others.

      Leading institutional partners

      Unibic has also made significant inroads with the institutional channels and has tied up with the Indian Railways, the hospitality industry, educational institutions, financial institutions, leading food caterers and corporates.

      And when it comes to our men and women in uniform, Unibic is there to provide the real cookie for them as well. With a nation-wide presence in the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) of the Armed and the Central Police Canteen.

      Unibic around the world

      Unibic exports to over 15 countries across North America, Australia, New Zealand, UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan, Mauritius, Maldives, Singapore and China - and is present in large format retail / supermarket chains in these regions. Unibic also manufactures for over 6 private label retailers across the world.

      Unibic is also available on leading online platforms including Amazon and Big Basket, and is setting up their own online retail platform.

      For export related queries, get in touch with us at manish.lalwani@unibicfoods.in

    • UBU, our brand mascot, takes you through the intriguing inner workings of Unibic Cookies. Learn how we came to offer the greatest variety of cookies and became the fastest growing FMCG company in the country. And then you can say "that's how the cookie crumbles."

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    • Unibic is always in an expansion mode, and looking for partners to extend their reach in current geographies as well as into new geographies. If you would like be a part of India’s fastest growing FMCG brands, please write to us at sales@unibicfoods.com